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Chronicles of Vir Cotto

castaway, patriot and friend

Vir Cotto
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As of November, 2005, this journal is no longer a member of theatrical_muse. However, Vir is a member of licenseartistic, and he is still available for roleplay. Contact his mun at hobsonphile@gmail.com if you wish to include Vir in a scene or plot.

Additionally, you can also read his mun's entries for fanfic100 here:

The Big, Damn Table o'Vir Fic

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Most of the time, I will be playing Vir in the late season four time frame to accomodate role play. But sometimes I will mine other stages of Vir's life in individual challenge responses depending on the demands of each question. Anything from Vir's early childhood to his reign as emperor (where I began before certain other B5 muses made their appearance *g*) is fair game.

NEW B5 PLAYERS on Theatrical Muse: I've written a brief Theatrical Muse RPG fanon guide for your reference.

A million thanks to berry at JumpNow for the shiny banner honoring the earlier stages of this journal!

I am Vir Cotto. When I was younger, no one thought I would amount to much of anything. Now, billions of Centauri depend on my leadership.

Some call me the "Unexpected Emperor"... and I'm not insulted by that title. Great Maker, I certainly didn't expect this. When Lady Morella predicted that I would become emperor more than twenty years ago, I laughed.

My family had me sent to Babylon 5 to get rid of me because I embarassed them. I was not even thirty seasons and I had already held a dozen different positions. I just didn't fit in anywhere.

When I got the position on Babylon 5, I remember my uncle said to me that I was "quite possibly the only being on Centauri Prime who was more of a joke than Ambassador Londo Mollari" and that he and I deserved each other.

When I first arrived on Babylon 5- I think it was late 2257- I was nervous... no, terrified is a better word. I was terrified that I would fail, terrified that I would be sent away again, and terrified of Londo Mollari, who was... what's the Human phrase... larger than life? Yes, that sounds right. Londo...

...Do you really want to hear the whole story?

I'm sorry. I'm still getting used to the idea that a lot of people actually want to listen to what I have to say. For most of my life, I've been ignored- by my family, by other Centauri... and often times even by Londo.

Londo... thinking of him... trying to explain him... trying to explain why I consider him my greatest friend, despite everything...

I don't think I can explain how I feel about Londo, except to say that I feel just as angry and sad and happy and confused now as I did years ago when Morden was still alive and Londo was falling into darkness and taking me with him.

There's only one thing I know- I don't regret that I knew Londo, even though his legacy still keeps me awake at night... even though, because of him, I live with demons of my own.

I don't regret that I stayed, even when others urged me silently to go.

Londo needed someone to stand with him.

This is a fictional journal created for theatrical_muse and maintained by hobsonphile.

As of August, 2005, this journal is also a member of b5_star_stuff. Star Stuff threads will be run and tagged independently.

Babylon 5 and its characters are the property of J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Brothers Television. No copyright infringement is intended.

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